Welcome to CNZN Ltd - Partnering with social services to strengthen and develop practice excellence.

We offer consultancy, education, workshops, and professional supervision throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally.

About us:

Nicki Weld (registered social worker) is a director of CNZN Ltd, a national social work advisor, and has worked in a range of practice and leadership roles. She is currently completing her doctorate through Auckland University. Nicki is the author and co-author of six books published in New Zealand, England and Japan. She is the primary creator of the Three Houses tool used internationally.

Contact Nicki on: nicki.weld@cnzn.co.nz 

Cherie Appleton (registered social worker) is a director of CNZN Ltd, and director of practicum for the Bachelor of Social work and Master of Social Work (Professional) part-time at the University of Auckland where she researches, teaches and publishes. Cherie has many years social work experience in a variety of practice settings and leadership positions. 

Contact Cherie on: cherie.appleton@cnzn.co.nz